A strong appetite, average palate, and weak writing, mixed with outdoor adventure.

A strong appetite, average palate, and weak writing, mixed with outdoor adventure.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend in Food

Want to kill an interest in cooking? Start cooking for one. This worked for me at least, as the effort to create a good meal seems rarely worth the effort without someone with which to share it. Not that I am eating poorly, but eating out far more than necessary and on the home front putting down a few too many PB&J sandwiches.

A majority of this weekend was spent in town, which after 10 of 11 weekends being in the mountains, was refreshing, as was the that which was cooked, consumed or imbibed.

Friday morning featured a climb of Mt Bierstadt with April and Amy. Much to their surprise, upon completing the 6.5 mile effort, featuring 3,000 vertical feet, a spread of fresh food awaited. We put down hummus with red peppers, cucumbers, pita and carrots. Our only oversight, was the lack of a well deserved cold beer.


Tailgating at 11,000 feet

Once back in Denver I rode to the Great Divide Brewery for two growlers of beer for a backyard movie night. Nothing says summer like freshly poured beer shared with friends on a gorgeous August night. And nothing says yuppie like picking up growlers from your favorite microbrewery via bicycle.



I could not agree with this sentiment

Saturday morning began with freshly brewed coffee, which fueled a visit to the Farmer’s Market. This trip was to stock up for veggies as Saturday night I was granted access to a grill and some dinner mates, putting to rest, at least temporarily, my kitchen apathy. The menu featured lime and cilantro marinated tilapia for fish tacos, sweet potatoes, corn, bananas and peaches, all of which was cooked on the grill.


de-tassled and ready for the grill


Tilapia, with a chili powder, lime juice, olive oil, cilantro and onion


Bananas, potatoes, and peaches

Sunday night was grilled pizza with Tracy, who broke her Sunday sandwich tradition for this meal. The pizzas featured fresh made pesto with basil from her garden. Pesto is the ultimate taste of summer and this was delicious. You will note the pizzas had no cheese, which is par for the course when dining with a  vegan. Given the homemade dough and fresh vegetables I cannot say the cheese was missed.


Grilling the dough prior to topping


Topped pizzas


Homemade pesto

After dinner we took a spin around Park Hill on a scooter. I have never ridden a two-wheeled mechanism with a motor. Lots of time on a bike, but never a motorcycle or scooter. Good Christ it was fun! Like biking, without the heavy breathing and sweating. The second I can afford one my commuting options may change!


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